Moose Spotlight: What’s In A Name?

People say someone’s name could tell a lot about them, we say their Instagram username pretty much does as well. One username in mind that we can’t forget is @scarletmoonsilverworks - it has such an extraordinary ring to it. What’s more, the person behind the account is a phenomenal artist. 

Meet Lianna Combo, the artist behind Scarlet Moon Silverworks. Based in Roberts Creek in BC Canada, she has been making jewelry for over 15 years now. In her Instagram bio, it says that she is a lover of nature and animals, an artist, and a mom. We also could not help but get drawn to what she wrote there, “Doing what makes me happy, sharing what I love…” to us, that’s the dream!

For Lianna, her journey to silversmithing started when she visited a little studio in Toronto called, The Devil’s Workshop. According to her, once she picked up the torch, that was it for her. She was completely and utterly hooked! Does anyone else find the studio’s name interesting or is it just us? 

Seeing as how gorgeous her designs are, we asked Lianna what inspires her creativity. It was no surprise she mentioned her work is heavily influenced by nature; from the pull of the moon to the colors of the ocean... to her, there is always something inspired by nature.

We have known Lianna for quite some time already and we are so thrilled to learn that turquoise is her favorite material to work with. In her own words, she said that there is no other stone that makes her feel grounded or closer to nature than turquoise. If it isn’t quite obvious, we definitely share the same sentiments, Lianna!

Look at all these gorgeous turquoise jewelry made with love by Lianna! 

When we asked what advice can she give to her fellow creators, Lianna underscored the power of believing in oneself and never giving up. Hear, hear!

Just like what she said, let’s keep creating! 

Do you love her work as we do? Draw inspiration from her at the following:

Instagram account: | Website: | Scarlet Moon Silverworks

What do you love most about Turquoise Moose?

“Turquoise Moose has been my long time favourite place to purchase beautiful, interesting, and great quality stones. On top of that, they provide terrific customer service.”

- Lianna Combo

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Lianna’s work is outstanding! I have four of her pieces and love every one of them. Her work with your turquoise is exquisite and her love for it shines through.

Pati June 08, 2020

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