Moose Spotlight: Rustic-Inspired Sterling Silver Jewelry

"Be true to your creative style. Make what you want and feel good about it."

- Megan Clarke




Jewelry Artist Megan Clarke of @clark_with_an_e_designs on Instagram


@clark_with_an_e_designs on Instagram



Meet jewelry artist Megan Clarke of @clark_with_an_e_designs on Instagram. She's based in Northern Utah, and she has been making some form of jewelry for about 15 years. She has been silversmithing for close to 4 years now. 






"I have always enjoyed making things and jewelry was one thing I always came back to," Megan shared when we asked her what got her inspired to create jewelry. She said it started with her wanting to make a ring. Silversmithing intrigued and intimidated her at the same time, but Megan said she just wanted to try it. Mainly, she wanted to set Elk Ivories in silver and make something for herself. Once she did it, it completely took hold of her and she was in love with the whole process.



When she was starting out, Megan did not take any classes, but she said she can't say she is self taught. Much of her journey has been watching many other wonderful artists who she described as generous enough to share their knowledge and process on YouTube. Megan learned so much and has learned from trial and error as well. "You never stop learning! When a design isn’t working out as planned, it makes me try harder to figure out another way and make it work."



"My last name is always mistakenly spelled without the “E”." She said when we asked if there's a story behind her brand name. "So I would say to people, “clarke with an e.”" When she created her Instagram account, she didn’t really know what experience was it going to bring; she just wanted to share her new hobby. So she simply went with it.



Take a look at Megan's wonderful creations!


Handmade Turquoise Cuffs by Jewelry Artist Megan Clarke of @clark_with_an_e_designs on Instagram


Handmade Turquoise Pendant by Jewelry Artist Megan Clarke of @clark_with_an_e_designs on Instagram


Handmade Jewelry by Jewelry Artist Megan Clarke of @clark_with_an_e_designs on Instagram






"I don’t have a specific one really. I feel like I still have those “AHA” moments!" she said when we asked if she remembered the first time she had an AHA moment.  She said she's the type of person that will work on something until she is pleased with it.



Here a few more beautiful creations by Megan! 



Turquoise Ring by Megan Clarke of @clark_with_an_e_designs on Instagram



White Buffalo Jewelry by Megan Clarke of @clark_with_an_e_designs on Instagram



Handmade Jewelry Pieces by Megan Clarke of @clark_with_an_e_designs on Instagram








"Sometimes it is buy the turquoise first, design last!" For Megan, each piece always starts with a sketch. Once she is really pleased with the design, she starts laying out the silver and go from there. She does everything by hand. She has a minimal amount of tools she uses, so everything she makes take a little more time, but that’s what she loves about it.




When asked to describe her design style, Megan said she feels like her style has little touches of everything. "I like trying new design styles, so something might be a little more western and sometimes it could be more modern." She's definitely drawn to making pieces with a lot of rustic qualities.







What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists?


"Be true to your creative style. Make what you want and feel good about it."



Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?


"Be patient and try not to rush the process. Sometimes a piece will turn into something you didn’t have planned, but it makes it even better. Enjoy the journey!"


Lastly, Megan's message to the universe: 


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