Moose Spotlight: Creating Handcrafted Talismans Set with Intention

"See the lesson in every mistake and prosper."

- Molly, @ananda_ja_







Jewelry Artist Molly Smith of @ananda_ja_ on Instagram




 @ananda_ja_ on Instagram





This is jewelry artist Molly Smith from Bristol, UK. She has been creating jewelry for one year now and her beautiful creations can be seen on Instagram @ananda_ja_ She is also one of the winners of Moose's Biggest Design Challenge last 2022.




Molly's daughter inspired her to make jewelry. She shared, "As soon as she was born I knew I had to work for myself so I could be present in her life. I quit my long standing career in the BBC and started to create my wildest dreams." 💚




For someone who has been creating jewelry for a year, Molly said her journey has felt aligned from the start. She said, "Silversmithing is very natural to me. I started by going to a class two hours a week. I worked that way for about 24 weeks then set up my own bench at home. Every time I make a mistake I tell myself it’s for a purpose, that my design will be better next time and I start again."




Molly remembers selling her very first piece to her hairdresser! "I showed her my work in the midst of many hair foils and she fell in love with my crystal quartz talisman drop. She gifted it to her mother for Mother’s Day. So perfect 🙏🏼" How special is that? 🥰





Behind her brand name, Molly explained Ananda Ja means born from joy! She added, "And that’s exactly what my jewellery is ✨ joy for my craft, joy from setting with intention, joy from the affirmations I share (I call them Sparkling Top Notes), joy from the happiness I create in others wearing my pieces. Pure joy from my lifelong love of jewellery and my company - born from the joy of my daughter!" ✨






Here are some of Molly's beautiful pieces of jewelry!





Handmade Jewelry by Molly Smith of @ananda_ja_ on Instagram







Handmade Ring by Molly Smith of @ananda_ja_ on Instagram








Handmade Jewelry Pieces by Molly Smith of @ananda_ja_ on Instagram











AHA! moments are incredibly special especially for creative minds. Molly remembered one of hers, "I am so pleased with my Molly hand chain designs. They’ve been dancing around my mind for over a decade. I travelled the world to try and find something similar but I couldn’t find anything that even came close to my vision - thats when I knew I had to make them myself. And here we are! I am in love." 💚  How amazing it is to bring life to your vision? ✨









Asked about her design process, Molly explained, "I don’t design, I flow. I take inspiration from this beautiful dimension we call home, set an intention for what I want to create and I play!" She lets her designs flow effortlessly from her being and that’s how she knows she is in alignment.





"My jewellery design is Art. It is happiness is motion. My style is me :) I guess when you’re purchasing a piece of my jewellery you’re purchasing a little piece of me. Everything I create - I love!" She said some of her pieces are hard to part with but she takes great comfort in sharing her happiness and love with others - bringing them strength and protection.





Let's take a look at more of Molly's creations 💚





Turquoise Cuff by Molly Smith of @ananda_ja_ on Instagram





Handmade Pendant by Molly Smith of @ananda_ja_ on Instagram






Handmade Jewelry by Molly Smith of @ananda_ja_ on Instagram







What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists?



"My most precious design tip is be like solder and let it flow."




One piece of technical advice on creating.



"Never a mistake - always a lesson! See the lesson in every mistake and prosper. Oh and also - learn great torch control."




Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?




"Be unapologetically you!"




Lastly, here's Molly's message to the universe: 




Blog Feature for Molly Smith by Turquoise Moose






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