Moose Spotlight: Creating Jewelry to Feed A Silversmith’s Soul

This Oklahoma-based jewelry artist, Paige Wedman, also known as @roaming_red_dirt_creations on Instagram, has been making jewelry for a little over a year now and started with silversmithing. 

Jewelry Artist Paige Wedman of @roaming_red_dirt_creations on Instagram

@roaming_red_dirt_creations on Instagram

Paige has always loved jewelry. Sharing with us her love for it, she also told us how she fell in love with vintage Native American pieces at an early age and she has been collecting them for several years now. She has always been creating, whether it be writing, photographing, etc, which is why she’s always looking to expand or try her hand at different media. One huge inspiration and who really pushed her to jump into it was Lauren Stewart Tharpe, a silversmith out of Bend, Oregon. To Paige, she has always been a huge help to her.

“The most challenging part of silversmithing for me is creating what I want to create,” Paige shared. Just like any artist, there are things that challenge her as well. Adding, she’s constantly busy with custom orders, which she is more than thankful for, she reiterated, but oftentimes she finds herself searching for time to create for herself.

The beauty of being able to create something tangible is you actually get to remember what you made, much so have people appreciate it, too. Paige told us there’s one piece that she will never forget about is the second piece she has ever made: a Natural Royston Ribbon ring. Everything soldered so perfectly, the bezel was a perfect size and she told us how proud she is of that particular piece, which now belongs to her cousin.

When creating, Paige finds herself drawn to half suns, crescent moons, and feathers. “Turquoise is just an absolute MUST. It’s been around forever and everyone seems to love it. It just stands out compared to any other stone.” Moreover, she also loves the meaning or purpose behind the stone - which is also her birthstone!

Check out some of Paige’s amazing designs!

Turquoise Jewelry by Paige Wedman of @roaming_red_dirt_creations


by Paige Wedman of @roaming_red_dirt_creations

One of the tips that Paige shared with us for her fellow creators will always stand true when it comes to letting one’s creative juices flow. She said to “Never forget to take time for yourselves to create what YOU want to create.” Adding not to get caught up in the everyday flow of orders, and making sure you are feeding your soul, too.

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What do you like about working with Turquoise Moose?

“I love working with Turquoise Moose because she is so kind, willing to please and work with you, and her pieces are crazy beautiful and high grade. You know you are getting the best quality stones when you buy from her, which is very important to me.” 

- Paige Wedman

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