Moose Spotlight: Making Beautiful Handmade Sterling and Fine Silver Jewelry

Meet jewelry artist, Pam Graves, also known as @pj_graves_in_ash on Instagram! She has been making beaded jewelry for many years now but has just got started with silversmithing last spring. We’ve been really loving her work!

Jewelry Artist Pam Graves of @pj_graves_in_ash on Instagram

@pj_graves_in_ash on Instagram 


When we asked Pam where she sources her turquoise cabochons, her reply is “So far, I have purchased all of my turquoise [cabs] from Turquoise Moose, because you always have the most beautiful stones.”

We’re so honored that you think so!  

From a jewelry artists’ point of view, we wanted to know what are the factors that help in making a turquoise purchase. According to Pam, she sometimes looks for a specific color or shape, but usually, she described herself as sort of an impulse buyer, and she purchases something if she finds herself saying “Wow!” upon seeing it. 

As someone who works with turquoise cabs, Pam says she loves them for their wonderful variety of colors and patterns, and that it has become her favorite tone to work with. The only disadvantage she could think of working with turquoise is that its beauty makes it on the pricey side. 

When it comes to her personal preferences, Pam mentions her favorite turquoise cabs are from the Sand Hill mine and Treasure Mountain. 

Moose strives to learn more about environmentally friendly ways to help the environment, and in our interviews with artists, we do our best to ask them what kind of efforts they are making for this. Pam shares she tries not to use anything containing noxious chemicals. In addition, she recycles everything that’s possible. 

Take a look at some of Pam’s fabulous turquoise jewelry pieces!

Turquoise Jewelry by Pam Graves of @pj_graves_in_ash on Instagram


by Pam Graves of @pj_graves_in_ash on Instagram


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What do you like about working with Turquoise Moose? 

“The things I like best about Turquoise Moose are that your stones are always beautiful, and even more so in person when I actually receive them than they looked online, and your customer service is fantastic!”

- Pam Graves

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