Moose Spotlight: Creating Timeless Artisan Jewelry

One of the things we look forward to doing is featuring creative artists and their beautiful work. Seeing many jewelry creations unfold, we always feel inspired of the abundance of creativity this community has :)




Jewelry Artist Sandra Munk of @sandylandjewelry on Instagram


@sandylandjewelry on Instagram


Sandra Munk is a jewelry artist based in Newbury Park, California. She has a 20 years of experience making beaded and wire-wrap jewelry, and has been a silversmith jewelry designer for a year now. She is also seen on Instagram as @sandylandjewelry.




Sandra shares she was inspired to create jewelry when she had a realization that she could begin a new journey doing something she has always been obsessed with... To Sandra, that's jewelry!


Just like many artists, Sandra also had her fair share of learning experience and have had a couple of struggles along the way in her jewelry creation journey. 


Whenever she finds herself in that situation, for example, while she's learning how to flush mount a stone, she said she just screams out loud and carry on! She added that we learn from our mistakes and with this, it equips her to be a better artist.


Sometimes, that's all you need, right? 


Curious about her brand name, we asked Sandra if there's a story behind it. She shared that for over 30 years, she worked as a TV and film hairstylist. Her personal Instagram page has always been @sandylandhair.


She was given that name because Sandra's friends tease her all the time that she is in Sandyland; she described it as "a bit spacey or in my own little world!"


With her friends' help, they came up with the brand name @sandylandjewelry for her jewelry creations! Sandra was actually thinking of something totally different but went with the group’s selection!


When you have great people who support what you do, isn't that a wonderful feeling? :) 






Whenever we try to learn something new, we often find ourselves having that one AHA! moment, and the rest is history. Sandra shared she had her own AHA! moment when she was setting her very first octagon-shaped aquamarine stone. 


She was terrified of so many corners, but slowly and surely, that jewelry piece turned out so perfect! 



Take a look at some of her gorgeous jewerly creations!


Turquoise Ring by Sandra Munk of @sandylandjewelry on Instagram


Turquoise Pendant by Sandra Munk of @sandylandjewelry on Instagram


Turquoise Jewelry by Sandra Munk of @sandylandjewelry on Instagram





Sandra's design process is pretty straightforward! She thinks about what she wants to make, contemplate the stone's shape, color, and size, and she lets the piece organically evolve! 💚


Currently, she mentioned that she doesn't sketch her designs, but she has just began some rendering courses online with Lucy Walker to cultivate this craft! 


Here's to always learning and evolving! 


We asked her to describe her jewelry style and Sandra said it's very boho elegant! We see it! How about you? :)


Here are some more gorgeous jewelry pieces by Sandra!



Genuine Turuqoise Ring by Sandra Munk of @sandylandjewelry on Instagram


Authentic Turuqoise Ring by Sandra Munk of @sandylandjewelry on Instagram


Turquoise Jewelry by Sandra Munk of @sandylandjewelry on Instagram





For her fellow artists, here's a piece of advice she wants to share! Whenever Sandra is designing a piece, she thinks about the steps to get to the finished design and try to determine ahead of time if she will need to change her plan at all to prevent any meltdowns!


To those who are starting out in the world of jewelry creation, or is considering it, Sandra said to go slow, have fun, and don’t take it all so seriously! :)


Finally, her message to the universe: 


Sandra Munk of Sandyland Jewelry Feature by Turquoise Moose



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