Moose Spotlight: Creating Contemporary and Custom Jewelry

Meet the jewelry artist behind the all-things-turquoise Instagram account @moonwillowturquoise, Talaisha Bracken. This talented creator from Southern Utah has been creating jewelry for one and a half years now. 

Jewelry Artist Talaisha Bracken of @moonwillowturquoise on Instagram

@moonwillowturquoise on Instagram

Talaisha shared with us that her love for turquoise and her mentor made her start making jewelry. She said she ran into a mentor who took her under his wing during a hard time in her life. For her, silversmithing became therapeutic.

Moreover, she was inspired to create on her own. "I used to fall in love with the turquoise inside jewelry and I would have a hard time walking away from it without buying it. It became too expensive for me.”

When we asked her who her favorite artists are on Instagram, she mentioned how she became friends with a few of the Ottesons who own turquoise mines in Nevada.

Either she or the Ottesons have been able to find some of the turquoises that are seen in her jewelry. “The turquoise is what inspires me to make jewelry. I fall in love with it!” she added. Talaisha has a lot of artists on Instagram that she admires. Although her favorite is her mentor.

When it comes to inspiration, she is inspired by nature as she loves all things celestial. In addition, she loves flowers, leaves, and hearts. She said how she’s just barely dabbling with those mediums, and how she’s excited to work more with them. Lastly, she expressed that she would love to incorporate mountain ranges in her work as well.

With the Instagram handle that she has, we still had to ask the obvious. Talaisha loves working with turquoise as it is her favorite color - as simple as that, and we feel her!

To this creator, the most challenging part of making jewelry is creating cluster bracelets.

Take a look at some of her amazing work!

Turquoise Jewelry by Talaisha Bracken of @moonwillowturquoise on Instagram

by @moonwillowturquoise on Instagram

When we asked her what her tip was to her fellow creators, she said she didn’t have one as she is still so new to making jewelry, however, Talaisha shared how she’s still learning - and we think what we can gather from that is when we have the chance to do so, let’s keep learning and growing!

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What do you like about working with Turquoise Moose?

“I like the quality of stones from Turquoise Moose.”

- Talaisha Bracken

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