Moose Spotlight: Making Soulcrafted Adornment

"I don’t think anything can replace authenticity, create what your heart and your hands crave to create!"

- Taylor Woodmass of @mystics_muse


Jewelry Artist Taylor Woodmass of @mystics_muse on Instagram

@mystics_muse on Instagram


This is Taylor Woodmass, a jewelry artist from New Zealand. She has been silversmithing almost 8 months now, and you can find her beautiful work on Instagram @msytics_muse. 

"Art has always been a massive part of my journey, and while I’ve worked with many mediums over the years, this one feels different," shared Taylor. She has  always been interested in what it means for us to adorn ourselves, and she thinks that jewelry is a powerful way for us to express who we are in this world. Adding, "It’s very personal and I love the idea of creating something that becomes someone else’s treasure and a part of their story."

"My journey is only just beginning!! Trial and error is really the only way to go. That, and just jumping in fully with humility, patience and passion." At the very start, Taylor said that it was all definitely intimidating, but as she said, the only way through was through, and her heart was calling for her to create!

The first piece Taylor ever sold was to her beautiful cousin. "I jumped all in with mystics muse, so I created a website and did a photoshoot with my first collection, which is how she purchased it." She also said that friends and family support is everything, and that she wouldn’t be where she is or dreaming what she's dreaming without them!

Having a really beautiful brand name, we asked if there was a meaning behind it. Taylor explained, "The name Mystics Muse came from my devotion to my spiritual path. It’s about owning and celebrating the wild mystic inside us all. I’ve always loved the word muse, to me it refers to anything that sets your heart on fire and feels like inspiration. To live an inspired life feels like magic to me."

Take a look at some of Taylor's stunning creations!

Turquoise Rings by Taylor Woodmass of @mystics_muse on Instagram

Handmade Turquoise Rings by Taylor Woodmass of @mystics_muse on Instagram

Turquoise Rings by Taylor Woodmass of @mystics_muse on Instagram
When getting started with just about anything, that first "finally!" moment, when all the pieces click together, is almost always unforgettable and special! For Taylor, it was during the first time she put on her Balance ring set (one of the first rings she made), it fit so comfortably and she could feel the intentionality behind it. "It felt like it was meant to be there, like it was already a part of myself!" 
Here are some more lovely creations by Taylor!
Handmade Ring by Taylor Woodmass of @mystics_muse on Instagram
Handmade Earrings by Taylor Woodmass of @mystics_muse on Instagram
Handmade White Buffalo Ring by Taylor Woodmass of @mystics_muse on Instagram
Handmade Jewelry by Taylor Woodmass of @mystics_muse on Instagram


"I like to give space in my process for the design to breathe. It usually resembles the idea I started with, but often it designs itself as I go." Taylor said that her design process has a life of its own!

When asked to describe her design style, she said, "This is a hard one! I think each piece is timeless and I also like to work with contrasts. For example organic/geometric, minimal/edgy." Taylor likes to incorporate curved and flowing lines that remind her of both spirit and nature, shapes that sit comfortably on the human form.


What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists?

"Just go for it! Learn as you go, be patient with both yourself and your craft and just start from where you are. I don’t think anything can replace authenticity, create what your heart and your hands crave to create!"

One piece of technical advice on creating.

"Invest in good tools. It can be overwhelming because of how much you seem to need, but the right tools really, really help your designs come to life in the quality we all aspire to!"

Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?

"If you know your heart is calling out for it, make the commitment to the investment and enjoy it! Just do so with the awareness that you definitely need tools, tools and more tools. A one or two day workshop would be an amazing place to start and to see if you really do want to spend the time and money on creating your own little work space."

Lastly, her message to the universe:

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