Moose Spotlight: Getting To Know Lucy of Lucy Walker Jewellery

Over the years, Lucy Walker has helped several aspiring artists hone their craft that is jewelry making. 


Lucy Walker of Lucy Walker Jewellery is from England, but is currently living in Malaysia. She started Lucy Walker Jewellery back in 2017, which is known as one of the best communities in the jewelry-making world. 


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What motivates you to continue what you do?

"Come on, who doesn’t want to play with gemstones every day?" Lucy shared that she honestly can’t wait to get up and get started on a morning. Having an amazing team Kuala Lumpur, Lucy told us they're like a family and that Monday blues do not exist in her book anymore.

"But what motivates me to work 12 hour days, 7 days a week? Well for sure that’s our students and our online community!" She shared that she has never met such a fun and caring group of folks in her life, and she just wants to give back as much as they give her. "We get the most beautiful little notes sometimes, or gifts from students letting us know how much they appreciate the Metalsmith Academy, and no matter how tough a day you’re having, that puts you right back on top of the world."

What do you see as most rewarding in teaching?

For Lucy, it’s always amazing to see breakthroughs with her students, especially when they’ve been struggling with something for a while and when she can just give one little seemingly insignificant tip that changes everything, those moments are massive wins for Lucy every time.

"I’m a complete moron sometimes when I see students showing off and posting progress pictures over in our community forums – I’m like high fiving my computer screen or doing a happy dance (a very poorly executed one I might add), but it’s just incredible for me to think we’re able to help from so far away."

Do your students take your classes to pursue jewelry-making professionally or they’re mostly hobbyists?

It’s a fairly even mix, shared Lucy. They have a huge range of skill levels in their academy, from students who are pretty much brand new to metalsmithing, to those who have been making and selling for over 10 years. She added that it’s awesome that they have that great mix because their Metalsmith Academy members go all-out in sharing their experiences and supporting each other on their journeys.

What is your earliest memory of working with jewelry?

"I think I was 10 or 11 years old when I started making jewellery with beads. But at the time in the 1990’s it was all chunky beads on a chord or name necklaces. So I used to make these after school and then take them in the next day to sell to my classmates, or pop down to the pub with my dad on a Saturday lunch time and sell them there. I had quite a thing going with biker style jewellery, so my dad’s mates used to love it."

What is your favorite gemstone/material to work with?

Lucy shared she's absolutely nuts for tourmaline, but she does go through phases as well. "I think every stone has been my favourite at one time or another! Apart from amber ha ha, I’ve never really liked that."

Do you get to have fun with your students?

"Ohhh when we had in person classes, we used to have a riot! I’ve been to Bangkok three times now with students, and each time it’s absolutely amazing." Lucy said they would usually go for a gem show, so she'd be helping everyone buying stones. (She is a GG and FGA), and then in the evenings they would be trying out some of the craziest places, roof top bars, incredible street food, dancing the night away in the middle of Patpong streets. Lucy thanks her students who have become lifelong friends for having some of the best memories with them! 


What do you see as the future of jewelry-making?

"I think despite computer aided design, automation and the threat of robots taking over, there will always be space for beautiful handmade jewellery that has character and was made by someone who actually gives a crap," Lucy declared. In addition, she also said it might just be her living in her little bubble, but we seem to be finally edging away from worshipping the mass produced. Adding, "it’s like we’re going back to appreciating uniqueness, creativity and soul, and that’s something that I believe only a small-scale jewellery business can bring to the table."

Moreover, Lucy added, "despite dreaming of a utopian world full of small handmade business though, I do hope that the future brings affordable laser welders for everyone!"

What is your number one piece of advice for rising creators?

"Start at the beginning, take it slowly and embrace the screw ups, they’re the most valuable lessons we’ll learn."



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