A Tale of Turquoise Love: From Rings, Necklaces, to Earrings

We're back, Moose friends! Here to share with you three incredibly beautiful jewelry pieces from amazing jewelry artists from our Moose community. With one common denominator - turquoise as the center of attention 💚


Square-Shaped Turquoise Ring by @preciousdebris


turquoise ring by @preciousdebris on Instagram


 by @preciousdebris on Instagram


We are beyond captivated by this square-shaped turquoise ring by @preciousdebris  - how breathtaking is it? Truly a kind of statement piece that you can also wear daily. Are you also charmed by this? We are, for sure!


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Triple Stone Turquoise Necklace by @277silverco


Triple stone turquoise necklace by @277silverco on Instagram


by @277silverco on Instagram


Say it with us - the more turquoise, the better! 😝 Kidding aside, we are truly in awe of this masterpiece by @277silverco! This turquoise necklace has got us staring at it for a good minute upon seeing it on Instagram. No doubt, it's a piece that will make heads turn because of its beauty. Don't you agree? :) 


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Sonoran Gold Turquoise Earrings by @rockfiresilver


Sonoran gold turquoise earrings by @rockfiresilver on Instagram


by @rockfiresilver on Instagram


Oh, our love for Sonoran Gold turquoise! We could not help but smile once we saw this gorgeous pair of Sonoran Gold turquoise earrings by @rockfiresilver including its hand-sawn flower cut-outs details! If this pair of earrings also remind you of the beauty of nature, we are with you on that one! 💚


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There you have it! Aren't these such special pieces? Please don't forget to tag us on Instagram @turquoise_moose using the hashtag #MadeWithMoose to get featured. Also, in case you missed it, here is our latest gemstone collections. Until next week, Moose friends! 🫶🏼


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