Turquoise: Exploring Turquoise Colors, Matrices, and Noteworthy Mines

Turquoise, a gemstone loved for its timeless beauty and cultural significance, encompasses a mesmerizing spectrum of colors beyond the traditional blue and green hues. Furthermore, the presence of intricate matrices adds depth and character to this enchanting gem.


In this article, we embark on a beautiful journey into the world of turquoise, exploring its diverse color palette, lesser-known shades like brown and red, and shedding light on notable turquoise mines associated with these colors. Let's get to know more about turquoise colors and turquoise matrix!


I. The Diverse Palette of Turquoise Colors

Blue and green remain the iconic colors of turquoise, this extraordinary gemstone unveils a vast range of captivating hues.

Robins-Egg Blue

This delicate shade of turquoise evokes a sense of tranquility and freshness. With its subtle blue undertones, it is reminiscent of the eggs of the American robin, lending it a touch of natural elegance. Notable mines known for producing robins-egg blue turquoise include the Blue Diamond Mine in Nevada, USA and the Campitos Mine in Sonora, Mexico.


Stepping away from the traditional turquoise palette, teal adds a captivating twist to the gemstone. A blend of blue and green, teal turquoise exhibits a richer, darker hue, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a bolder and more dramatic statement. Giving the best of both worlds for both blue and green lovers. Mines renowned for producing teal turquoise include the Morenci Mine in Arizona, USA and the Hubei Turquoise Mine in Hubei Province, China.

Mint Green

Radiating a refreshing and invigorating aura, mint green turquoise stands out with its cool, pale green tones. This subtle shade offers a unique twist on the traditional turquoise color, captivating the eye with its delicate charm. Notable mines associated with mint green turquoise include the Castle Dome Mine in Arizona, USA and the Godber/Burnham Mine in Nevada, USA.

Lemon Turquoise

Breaking away from the blue and green spectrum, lemon turquoise introduces a delightful burst of yellow. Vibrant and cheerful, this color variation adds a sunny disposition to any jewelry or decor it adorns. Mines renowned for their lemon turquoise include the Ajax Mine in Nevada, USA and the Kingman Mine in Arizona, USA.


Turquoise Colors and Turquoise Matrix


Let us delve into some of the lesser-known colors that turquoise embodies, along with the renowned mines associated with each:


Exhibiting a tranquil and translucent blue reminiscent of serene ocean waters, aquamarine turquoise captivates with its delicate allure. Mines renowned for producing aquamarine turquoise include the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona, USA, and the Nishapur Mine in Khorasan Razavi Province, Iran.

Olive Green:

With its warm and inviting tone reminiscent of lush foliage, olive green turquoise adds depth and sophistication to jewelry and decor. Notable mines known for producing olive green turquoise include the Kingman Mine in Arizona, USA, and the Damale Mine in Hubei Province, China.

Chocolate Brown:

Luxurious and velvety, chocolate brown turquoise evokes the indulgence of rich cocoa. Mines renowned for their chocolate brown turquoise include the Royston Mine in Nevada, USA, and the Manassa Mine in Colorado, USA.

Cranberry Red:

Making a striking departure from the traditional turquoise palette, cranberry red turquoise emanates a deep and passionate hue. Notable mines associated with cranberry red turquoise include the Red Mountain Mine in Nevada, USA, and the Damele Mine in Nevada, USA. It is also present in Yungai (Cloud Mountain) in China.


II. Embracing the Fascinating Turquoise Matrices

The turquoise gemstone frequently reveals intricate matrices that enhance its visual appeal and create a sense of intrigue.

Royston turquoise


Whether you love your stones with matrix our not, let us explore some noteworthy turquoise matrices, along with the mines where they are often found:


Spiderweb Matrix:

The spiderweb matrix, known for its intricate pattern resembling a delicate spider's web, captivates with its beauty. Mines famous for producing spiderweb matrix turquoise include the Carico Lake Mine in Nevada, USA, and the Tortoise Mine in Arizona, USA.

Matrix-Free Turquoise:

While matrices are commonly found in turquoise, some specimens exhibit a matrix-free appearance, allowing the pure color to take center stage. Mines known for producing matrix-free turquoise include the Fox Mine in Nevada, USA, and the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona, USA.

Pyrite Matrix:

The pyrite matrix, characterized by golden flecks or metallic streaks, adds brilliance and glamour to turquoise. Mines renowned for their pyrite matrix turquoise include the Kingman Mine in Arizona, USA, and the Hubei Turquoise Mine in Hubei Province, China.

Below is a table you can save to remember all about turquoise colors and matrices. 

Notable Turquoise Colors and Matrices

Color/Matrices Description Notable Mines
Aquamarine Tranquil and translucent blue Sleeping Beauty Mine (Arizona, USA)
Nishapur Mine (Khorasan Razavi Province, Iran)
Olive Green Warm and inviting tone reminiscent of lush foliage Kingman Mine (Arizona, USA)
Damale Mine (Hubei Province, China)
Chocolate Brown Luxurious and velvety, evoking rich cocoa Royston Mine (Nevada, USA)
Manassa Mine (Colorado, USA)
Cranberry Red Deep and passionate hue, departing from traditional palette Red Mountain Mine (Nevada, USA)
Damele Mine (Nevada, USA)
Spiderweb Matrix Intricate pattern resembling a delicate spider's web Carico Lake Mine (Nevada, USA)
Tortoise Mine (Arizona, USA)
Matrix-Free Turquoise Matrix-free appearance, allowing the pure color to take center stage Fox Mine (Nevada, USA)
Sleeping Beauty Mine (Arizona, USA)
Pyrite Matrix Golden flecks or metallic streaks, adding brilliance and glamour Kingman Mine (Arizona, USA)
Hubei Turquoise Mine (Hubei Province, China)

Turquoise, with its diverse range of colors and captivating matrices, continues to mesmerize enthusiasts worldwide. Beyond the traditional blue and green, hues like aquamarine, olive green, chocolate brown, and cranberry red offer a multitude of options for personal expression.


Noteworthy mines associated with these colors, such as the Sleeping Beauty Mine, Royston Mine, and Red Mountain Mine, have contributed to the allure of specific turquoise variations. Embrace the fascinating world of turquoise, celebrating its rich colors, intriguing matrices, and the stories woven into the stones extracted from renowned mines around the globe. Take a look at our collection of turquoise cabochons here, ethically sourced from different mines in the world. 


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