5x5mm Red Round Garnet, Set of 12


8x6mm Red Bar Garnet, Set of 6

Unlock the Mysteries of the Garnet Gemstone

The word "garnet" evokes images of rich, dark red gemstones that have captivated humanity for centuries. This alluring gem derives its name from the 14th-century Middle English word "garnet," which means 'dark red.' Garnets belong to a captivating group of silicate minerals cherished as gemstones since the Bronze Age. What makes garnets even more intriguing is their shared physical properties and crystal forms. These precious gems hail from various corners of the world, with prominent sources including the USA, India, Sri Lanka, and Brazil. In fact, garnets have been unearthed on almost every continent, and cherished by jewelry designers worldwide.

Garnet Origins: From the Earth's Depths to Your Jewelry

Garnets boast a storied history that dates back centuries. These enchanting gemstones have long been coveted, and their timeless appeal remains unwavering. Garnets have etched their mark in the history of gemstones, with origins that trace back to the Bronze Age.

The Distinctive World of Garnets

Garnets, as a group of silicate minerals, exhibit remarkable diversity while sharing common properties. They are renowned for their deep, often crimson, hues, but garnets also come in various colors, including fiery oranges, rich greens, and vivid purples. Each variety of garnets offers a unique charm, making it an exceptional choice for jewelry artists and those who love the gem.

Discover the World of Garnets

Step into the world of garnet! These gemstones, filled with so much history and found on every continent, have enchanted humanity for centuries. Whether you're a collector or a jewelry artist wanting to create timeless pieces, garnets offer a rich palette of colors and a rich history to inspire your creativity.

Add the beauty of garnets to your collection or jewelry designs.

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