Medium Red Mixed Rosarita Agate, Set of 6

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Rosarita is an great replacement to artists in recent years who do not prefer to use coral for environmental reasons. Rosarita is rare material that has occasionally gold streaks in it and behaves very similar to glass. It takes a high polish and can be set in siver and gold.

  • All Natural
  • Mixed shape
  • Rosarita pattern
  • Medium size
  • 48 cts

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Customer Reviews

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Sara Conner
Thnx for coral alt!

This is not so much a review as it is a thank you. Thank you, Turquoise Moose, for being a company the seems to genuinely car about our environment.
So many companies sell bamboo coral either because they do not know or they do not care what it is or where it comes from. Many, if not most, citizens do not realize that what they think is a pretty red bead is really an animal listed as a critically endangered organism. Thank you, sincerely, for helping consumers navigate out of the sad world of poaching and at the same time supply us with wonderful elements for our creativity to flourish.

  • Authentic
  • Natural
  • Carefully Sourced

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