What Buyers Should Know About Morenci Turquoise

People have been using turquoise since the days of the ancient Egyptians, over 6000 years ago. Morenci Turquoise is a high-grade turquoise with a rich color. This stone is highly sought after for many different reasons, so if you're considering buying Morenci Turquoise you've made a wise choice.  

Morenci Turquoise is well known for its intense blue-green shade and it is often spotted in fine pieces of jewelry. The beautiful color of this stone makes it a favorite amongst collectors and has made its popularity stand the test of time. 

If you would like to learn more about Morenci Turquoise before you decide to purchase it, you can have a look at all the important facts about this unique stone below.

How Much Is Morenci Turquoise Worth?

The value of Morenci Turquoise largely depends on the purpose it fulfills. If you are buying jewelry that features Morenci Turquoise, it may cost several hundred dollars. The size of the piece of jewelry and the amount of Morenci Turquoise it features will play a significant role in the price. 

Freeform Morenci Turquoise is often less expensive than pieces of Morenci Turquoise jewelry. However, the size and the number of stones you wish to purchase will also impact the price. 

One way or another, you should prepare yourself to spend some money if you decide to purchase Morenci Turquoise. Of course, it is a very worthwhile investment. You'll be able to enjoy the beauty of this striking stone for years to come. 

A scratch test is the best way to ensure the turquoise you have purchased is legitimate. Simply run your fingernail lightly over your new turquoise (it is best to use the side that won't be easily noticeable on display). If it scratches very easily it is likely fake turquoise, so you should always double-check your purchase to ensure you're getting good quality for your money. 


All About Morenci Turquoise


Where Can You Buy Morenci Turquoise?

Morenci Turquoise is easily located online for sale in free form or as jewelry. Make sure you purchase from a reputable seller. As Morenci Turquoise is so rare, it is important you only buy from a site that you feel you can trust.

As mentioned above, you should use the scratch test to make sure you have purchased real turquoise. Always buy from a website that has lots of information and positive reviews, as this is one way to make sure the website is safe. 

Because Morenci Turquoise is increasingly uncommon, it is much more difficult to find in-store than it is online. Of course, buying online comes with more risks, so thankfully there is a great online retailer for turquoise that you can trust in the form of Turquoise Moose. 


What Is It Used For?

Morenci Turquoise has many different uses. Its striking colors mean it has value wherever it finds a home, making it a versatile stone to work with.

One very popular use of Morenci Turquoise is in jewelry production. It pairs perfectly with gold or silver, so it is ideal for creating high-quality, statement jewelry pieces. Common accessories Morenci Turquoise is used for include rings, necklaces, and earrings.

Morenci Turquoise is also used ornamentally. In the home, it can brighten up any dull room and provide a flash of color. The blue hue of this stone also has a calming effect so it is ideal for any room in your home where you are seeking a little extra tranquillity.

Morenci Turquoise is also a valuable stone for Native Americans. It is often used in Native American jewelry to create bold pieces with symbolic significance behind them. 

Where Is It Made?

Morenci Turquoise was first discovered in the Morenci Mine in Arizona. The mine stopped producing this turquoise in the 1970s. 

Nowadays, jewelers and collectors of rare and precious stones turn them into lavish jewelry or keep them as collector's items. There is a limited supply of Morenci Turquoise available now because the mine where it was found no longer produces it. This makes it a valuable item for those who can get their hands on it. 

American turquoise is very high quality and doesn't have anything added to it to enhance its color. That's why it is so valuable and why so many jewelry experts work hard to buy it. 

What Color Is It?

Morenci Turquoise is a rich, blue-green color. The color is often cut with striking iron pyrite. This highlights the blue shades and makes them pop, whilst also giving each piece of Morenci Turquoise an individual pattern. The color turquoise has always been popular in art and design, and the color of Morenci Turquoise is no exception. 

It is this striking blue, green, black, and silver pattern that makes Morenci Turquoise so sought after. Because of the silver that runs through it, a Morenci Turquoise stone is often paired with a silver ring or pendant, creating a stunning piece of jewelry. 


Genuine Morenci Turquoise



The blue in this stone is also a calming shade and is somewhat reflective of a blue sky. It will put the buyer in mind for a warm summer day and easily lifts the mood of anyone who wears it. 

When Was It First Discovered?

Morenci Turquoise comes from the Morenci Mine in South-eastern Arizona. This mine was the largest copper mine in the USA and its primary purpose was originally the production of copper in 1894. Turquoise is a common occurrence in copper mines, and it is here that the beautiful Morenci Turquoise was first discovered.  

Sadly, the Morenci Mine ceased Morenci Turquoise production in the 1970s. This has meant there has been a large reduction in Morenci Turquoise production since this time. Much of the Morenci Turquoise that is still available today had been mined before this era. 

Of course, this has meant it has become even more valuable in the modern world. Many collectors seek Morenci Turquoise because they know that there is a limited supply available to them. 

Does Morenci Turquoise Lose Value Over Time?

Thankfully, Morenci Turquoise will not lose value over time. Unless it has cracks or damage, your Morenci Turquoise will always hold value for its stunning color.

The reason Morenci Turquoise retains its value is that it is no longer being produced by the mine where it was originally sourced. This means it is now more difficult to find authentic Morenci Turquoise, which therefore makes it valuable.

How Long Does Morenci Turquoise Last?

Morenci Turquoise has a very long life span as long as it is cared for properly. To keep it looking clean and fresh, you should clean any piece of jewelry containing Morenci Turquoise often and with the right product.

You should also avoid dropping your Morenci Turquoise pieces. Dropping from a high surface onto the hard ground could cause the turquoise to crack or splinter, which will affect its appearance.

As long as you treat Morenci Turquoise the same way you would any other precious stone, it should remain a very high quality for many years. 

Is Morenci Turquoise Rare?

Yes, Morenci Turquoise is very rare. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to source this stone, so authentic Morenci Turquoise is often hard to come by.

The Arizonian mine that once produced Morenci Turquoise is now depleted, which means it is no longer producing this stunning stone. Because of this, Morenci Turquoise is both rare and valuable.  

The Morenci Turquoise you will find today was mined before production ended. While you will find it online often, it may sadly eventually run out because it is now very difficult to find this kind of stone. 

Why Is It So Popular?

There are many reasons for this stone's popularity. Its bright and dazzling color is one reason why so many people love it.

It is also popular because of its widespread use in jewelry creation. From a turquoise pendant to a ring, there is no shortage of jewelry designs that this stone can undertake. The variation in stone size means Morenci Turquoise can be a subtle garnish or a show-stopping enhancement to any outfit.  

The simple fact that Morenci Turquoise falls under the category of rare stones also makes it very popular. Collectors view it as a valuable item because it is so difficult to get a hold of. 


Morenci Turquoise


While popularity tends to ebb and flow between certain trends, Morenci Turquoise truly never goes out of style. From a fashionable statement piece to a subtle touch of blue, this stunning stone enhances every outfit or room that it is a part of. Its timeless and classic nature means it will always be a popular choice for those with a taste for sophistication and elegance. 

Facts About Turquoise

You'll know the popular blue/green color that adorns many walls and pillows. However, you may not know all the important facts about turquoise itself. Have a look at some interesting facts about this stunning stone below.

Turquoise Is Most Widely Produced in China

Amazingly, 75% of the World's turquoise is made in China. However, much of the turquoise available in China is not considered to be of high quality. This is because dyes or other coloring agents are often added to it to make it a brighter blue. 

Mexico and Chile also produce much of the World's turquoise. These stones are also often enhanced with products to make them appear richer. Sadly, this diminishes their value. 

The Morenci Turquoise Mine Is Not the Only One to Close

Unfortunately, much of the World's turquoise production has stopped, especially in the US. One reason for this is that mining itself is becoming less common, particularly in the Western world.

Turquoise is most often found in copper mines. These days, it tends to be found accidentally as the copper is mined. This is why it continues to become more and more precious. 

The Unique Color Depends On the Metals Present

The metals in the rock where miners look for turquoise provide it its exceptionally distinctive color. Its chemical makeup includes either a limited quantity of copper and zinc, which gives turquoise a more unusual yellow hue, or iron, which gives turquoise a greenish shade.

Copper is the metal that makes turquoise blue. Each shade of turquoise is beautiful and highly sought after in both the jewelry industry and the stone and gem collection industry. 

Turquoise Is One of the Few Minerals That are Blue

Yes, blue tends to be a rare color in nature and the unique shade of turquoise is no exception. There also aren't many other minerals that possess this shade of blue, which is why so many people wish to get their hands on real turquoise. 

Morenci turquoise particularly is a unique color, which makes it highly desirable. The black, silver, and gold that run through Morenci turquoise have earned it the nickname "fools gold." Although, if you're lucky enough to get some Morenci Turquoise, no one could consider you a fool!

Turquoise Jewellery Never Goes Out of Style

Morenci Turquoise is a beautiful kind of stone. Used to make stunning and exquisite jewelry, it's hard to pass by a pendant featuring this turquoise without commenting on its intense color. 

The popularity of Morenci Turquoise is due to it being one of the first kinds of American turquoise. It's also a very high-quality stone, meaning it shouldn't tarnish or lose value over time. You'll adore it on jewelry or in your home as it adds class and sophistication with ease. 

Discover more precious gems and stones right here. If you have any questions about your buying options, simply reach out to Moose and we will be more than happy to help. 

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