Everything You Need to Know About Royston Turquoise

Turquoise is the most unique and eye-catching gemstone you could ever purchase. It's also one of the oldest known gemstones, making turquoise not only long-lasting but a rare find!

Diamond isn't the only gemstone that is highly sought for. Turquoise almost always steals the eye with its vibrant color and complementing matrix. Some of the most well-known turquoise jewelry involves gorgeous rings and healing necklaces. But what else is there to know about turquoise?

Are you curious about the types of turquoise jewelry? Are you interested in knowing more about Royston turquoise? Continue reading so you can learn everything there is to know about this gorgeous stone turquoise! 

What Is Turquoise? 

You may know what turquoise looks like, but what exactly is it? Turquoise is an opaque mineral made from the phosphate of copper and aluminum. The color ranges from blue, bluish-green, yellowish-green, and green. The color is dependent on the amount of copper or iron found in the rock. 

Blue is the most popular turquoise color, and the next is bluish-green. Yellowish-green, however, is the least desired, but that doesn't make the gemstone any less beautiful!

Many turquoise gemstones are going to have visual evidence of the host rock. The host rock can be difficult to remove without damaging the turquoise, so it's often merged into the design. The host rock's inclusions can be a gorgeous complement to your stone!

History of Turquoise

Turquoise started as a beautiful jewelry piece made by Native Americans. This gemstone was cherished for spiritual reasons, such as its ability to bring good fortune or healing. Turquoise wasn't worn for just being gorgeous; it was a stone that had symbolic sentiments depending on the tribe. 

For example, some tribes believed turquoise gave great power and strength. Others thought the stone protected them from evil. Some tribes believed turquoise did it all! 

Because of turquoise's spiritual power, the gemstone was crafted in various ways. The mineral was made into rings, necklaces, and pendants and was even attached to weapons. 

Geographic Types of Turquoise

This gemstone develops in dry areas; deposits typically happen in decomposed volcanic rock. Iran is the most well-known source of turquoise; however, it isn't the only place! Many turquoise types are defined by their geographic area, such as: 

1. Arizona Turquoise 

Several mines in Arizona have turquoise deposits. One of the most popular gemstones is from the Sleeping Beauty mine. The vibrant blue color makes for a beautiful jewelry piece, as well as other gem types such as Kingman or Bisbee turquoise. 

2. Colorado Turquoise

Colorado is home to Villa Grove's high-grade stones and King Manassa's rich green turquoise. Many of Colorado's turquoise gemstones are found in places where silver and gold are mined. Colorado turquoise is distinctive for its greenish color and brown non-webbed matrix. 

3. New Mexico Turquoise 

If you love a little variety, then New Mexico Turquoise is your go-to source. Mining districts in New Mexico have a wide range of turquoise for you to choose from. Santa Fe turquoise jewelry is the most well-known, though there are plenty of other types to choose from. 

4. Nevada Turquoise 

The highest quality mines are found in Nevada! They are so well-managed that the Otteson Family has organized tours around them. The Royston Mining District is both prolific and small, and that's just enough for it to produce some of the best turquoise in the country! 

What Is Royston Turquoise?

Royston turquoise is a gemstone mined from Royston Mining District. Royston turquoise is known for its brown or black inclusions. The host rock does well in complementing the turquoise and adding uniqueness. No gem is ever the same when you're buying a Royston turquoise



All About Royston Turquoise



Royston Mining District

This mining district originally contained Bunker Hill, Royal Blue, Easter Blue, and Oscar Wehrend. The district is located near Tonopah, Nevada, and is owned by the Otteson family. It was founded in 1902 and is considered an ancient Nevada mine. With stones located as deep as ten feet in the earth, you're receiving nothing but authentic and pure gemstones. 

Why Get Royston Turquoise? 

The reason why Royston turquoise is popular is that it's everything you desire in one stone. You don't have to worry about whether you want a blue or green stone. Royston turquoise can give you everything you desire!


Royston Turquoise


This gemstone typically has great color variation. The meshing of the host rock and varying colors makes for one of the most unique gemstones you can have. Not only that, but Royston turquoise is highly collectible, especially if the stone's design is rare. 

The Healing Benefits of Royston Turquoise 

Turquoise itself has plenty of healing benefits, but what are the advantages of Royston turquoise specifically? What makes this gemstone stand out from the others? 

Mental Benefits

Royston turquoise is said to promote healing of the mind and soul. It diminishes fear and strengthens your mind. Thus, you're able to live life with confidence and freedom. This gemstone is also known to help people regulate their emotions by keeping their mental state calmer.

Turquoise is the stone of communication, but not just with other people. This stone helps you better communicate with yourself and your needs. This is the stone for you if you're seeking jewelry that gives serenity and peace.

Turquoise has exceptional healing properties, and the most recognized is its mental healing. Royston turquoise's mental benefits result in a more satisfying way of life. You'll not only enjoy a beautiful stone but also feel the emotional improvements. 

Physical Benefits 

As a purification stone, Royston turquoise can also assist in physical healing. Turquoise has anti-inflammatory properties and helps you soak up nutrients. It's also a Throat Chakra stone, meaning any respiratory issues or migraines could be mended by Royston turquoise. 

Wearing Royston turquoise jewelry can make you feel pure, clean, and balanced. On days when you aren't feeling well physically, consider wearing Royston turquoise to cleanse your body from negative energy. 

Spiritual Benefits

Turquoise is one of the most well-known stones when it comes to spiritual healing. Many people use stones to assist with mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. Stones can affect one's spiritual state through exchanges of energy. 

Stones are cherished pieces of earth that have gone through many processes. When people hold them, it can feel like the stone is amplifying their energy. Royston turquoise is a gemstone that is said to promote creativity, communication, and spiritual bonding.

Freeform Royston Turquoise 

Freeform gemstones are stones without jewelry additions, such as a silver chain or a ring setting. Freeform gemstones are helpful for people who prefer to carry their gemstones in their hands or have them at home. Freeform turquoise can also be easily added to any area in your home and assist with cleansing the space.


Genuine Royston turquoise cabs


Freeform turquoise tends to be easier to manage than jewelry. Royston turquoise jewelry deals with silver, which can tarnish and damage your gemstone. That's why many may prefer to reap the benefits of a freeform turquoise. But what are some ways to use your freeform turquoise around the house?

Place Them in the Hallway or Bedroom

Your home's hallway is a perfect place to keep Royston turquoise. Hallways are a place of invitation and constant movement. Placing turquoise somewhere in your hallway allows calming energy to constantly flow throughout your home.

Your bedroom is another place that is great for Royston turquoise. You spend the most time in your bedroom, meaning you'll gain more benefits than in the hallway. Storing turquoise in your bedroom helps with relaxation and healing, especially as you sleep.  


You aren't always able to meditate properly with turquoise jewelry, which is why freeform Royston turquoise is a must. Turquoise is a spiritual stone that works great with meditation. It loosens the tenseness in your body and surrounds you with serenity.

Keep turquoise handy as you meditate. You'll find yourself more relaxed than you've ever been!

Royston Turquoise Jewelry

Jewelry is a great way to interact with your Royston Turquoise daily. You don't have to worry about keeping the stone in a container or your pocket throughout the day. Instead, have fun making different types of turquoise jewelry

Turquoise Rings and Earrings 

Most turquoise rings are going to come in a cabochon shape. Cabochon is an oval gem with a flat backside. They are perfect to place into a ring setting. Royston turquoise earrings do well with a cabochon shape as well. 

Turquoise Necklaces and Bracelets

Royston turquoise beads are a good substitute for cabochon when it comes to necklaces and bracelets. However, you can still use cabochon if you please!

Turquoise chips have pre-drilled holes and are like stone shards. They work well for necklaces due to their versatility. They are also very natural looking!

How to Clean Your Royston Turquoise

If you find yourself purchasing a Royston turquoise, you must know how to clean it. These stones need to be cared for properly or they could result in damage. You could also risk diminishing the color or tainting the silver jewelry the stone comes in. 

To prevent these issues, here are some tips on taking care of your Royston turquoise

1. Polish With Dry Cloth

Turquoise is naturally moisturized by the oils on your skin. This keeps it shiny and healthy. That's why you shouldn't make cleaning your turquoise gem a daily activity. Instead, polish your Royston turquoise with a dry, microfiber cloth to get rid of any filth. 

Cleaning your turquoise is also going to depend on the supplier. High-quality turquoise is going to need less cleaning due to the high-grade material. That's why you must purchase your gemstones from an authentic turquoise supplier

2. Make Homemade Wash Solutions

If you have Royston turquoise jewelry, you should have a homemade wash solution. You're dealing with more than just the gemstone. You also have silver jewelry that can tarnish. To clean your jewelry, make either of these solutions:

Soap and Water

Use natural, harmful chemical-free dish soap mixed with water to clean your Royston turquoise. Do not soak the stone! This is a simple cleaning that shouldn't expose the stone to too much liquid. Too much water exposure can result in the turquoise changing color.  

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil

1/2 cup of lemon juice and one teaspoon of olive oil is a perfect way to rid your stone of any filth. Polish your jewelry with this mixture on a dry cloth. Lemon juice's acidity removes tarnish and the olive oil provides moisture.  

Other ways to clean your jewelry are with ketchup or baking soda. Ketchup has an acidity that helps with tarnish. Baking soda's properties allow it to remove dirt and grease efficiently. 

3. Be Cautious 

Turquoise is a natural stone. It isn't fake or altered. Keep this in mind as you wear your Royston turquoise jewelry. Cherish it, but don't wear it every day without proper caution. 

For example, do not wear your turquoise jewelry in the shower. Be careful when wearing turquoise out in the sun. Too much exposure can result in discoloration or surface damage. Lastly, avoid putting lotion, perfume, or other products on your turquoise. 

4. Store Properly 

Storing your Royston turquoise can go wrong quickly if you aren't prepared. Moisture ruins your jewelry, resulting in tarnish and other consequences. Keep your turquoise in an air-tight sealed plastic bag. Store it in a cool, dark place. 

Invest in Gorgeous, High-Quality Royston Turquoise Jewelry Today!

Explore other options other than the traditional gems. Go unique and high-end by investing in Royston turquoise! This gemstone is nothing short of gorgeous and original. You'll catch everyone's eyes with this vibrant piece of jewelry.

If you are in the lapidary world or are a rockhound, we have rough Royston turquoise as well! All natural :) 


Contact us if you want to create your first Royston turquoise piece!

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