Moose Spotlight: Creating Masterpieces With Leather

Meet this dynamic duo, Venus and Tom of @cowcarvers on Instagram. This Florida-based couple has been doing leatherwork for more than fifteen years now. 

Handmade and Custom Leather Artists Venus and Tom of @cowcarvers on Instagram

Venus and Tom of @cowcarvers on Instagram


They started working with leather with their designs due to the versatility of leather and the amount of color and application methods that are available for using it. 

Just like any artists and creators, we thought if they encounter hurdles along the way with their creations. Venus and Tom shared that being able to find something unique that has not been done before is one of the things they could think of. They elaborated that for them, each new design they make is a challenge in itself. 

As creators, we asked how nature inspires their creativity. Venus and Tom answered simply with, “Color, color, color!” 

We agree! Going out and seeing nature’s work and beauty also allows us to see the different kinds of colors, shades, and hues there are everywhere. 

As lovers of turquoise ourselves, we wondered why this power duo likes working with turquoise pieces and incorporating them into their design. According to them, the sheer range of various colors and tones available does it for them. 

When we asked them what is their number one tip they want to share with their fellow creators, they said to be open to change. 

Change, in this industry we’re in, is important in order to grow and create more possibilities with, of course, the help of creativity. 

Take a look at some of their amazing creations! 

Custom Leather Creations by Venus and Tom of @CowCarvers on Instagram

by Venus and Tom of @CowCarvers on Instagram

What do you like most about working with Turquoise Moose?

“Turquoise Moose has been one of the few cutters that really offers not only a wide range of colors but sizes as well. Setting stones in leather is a challenge and TM offers them in sizes that make it easier for us to work with. “

- Venus and Tom


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