Moose Spotlight: Handcrafted Moments With This Jewelry Artist

Ariane Coleman is the face behind Ari O Jewelry which is based in Big Sky, Montana. She's also known as @ariojewelry on Instagram.


Jewelry Artist Ariane Coleman of @ariojewelry on Instagram

@ariojewelry on Instagram

This jewelry artist was inspired to start creating because back then, she stumbled upon a magazine called Metalsmith. She shared that she doesn’t even know if it’s around today, but she saw what can be done with metal and her imagination was like, ‘yes! I want to be that good someday,’ and from there she started creating!

On Instagram, her favorite artist at the moment is Vancrafted Studio. She shares how fond she is of Madison, “I’ve known Madison for years (she’s a sweetheart), and not only has her jewelry evolved to be super rad, but her page is so well done and really tells her story.”

We can't emphasize enough how much we find it so beautiful when artists are so vocal about their love and admiration for their fellow artists!

When we talk about people and things that inspire us, Ariane gets inspired by nature every single day. Living in Montana at a major ski resort could probably be an influential factor for this! She stated that whenever she feels burnt out whenever she creates, she turns to the mountains to recharge.

In general, Ariane shared with us that her life inspires her because it is a gift that was given to her - she continued saying that the power of it all has always spoken to her. She thinks it is typical for artists to feel this way, “...from the moment we are born, we are conscious of the power of the beauty within the struggle. I think people like me are driven to go farther, push harder, find a way to express the energy inside.”

With regard to her craft, Ariane hopes to be able to share her story through her jewelry - blended by the beautiful lifestyle which Big Sky offers, coupled with the visions she is driven to create.

On her website, Ariane states that her vision is encompassed in the studio she works in. She described that it is an open studio that is connected to a gallery. She designs the pieces and together with her team of talented craftspeople they handcraft each design on the spot!

In addition, Ariane declares that it is imperative for her to know where her food comes from and where her clothes are made, which is why she is the same way with her jewelry. In her studio, you can meet the designer and everyone who makes the art objects. People who are looking into buying their pieces can meet the designer and get to know the full story behind a piece and how it was created.

Take a look at some of her amazing designs!


Turquoise Jewelry by Ariane Coleman of @ariojewelry on Instagram


by Ariane Coleman of @ariojewelry on Instagram


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