Moose Spotlight: In Pursuit of Living Life To The Fullest With Smithing

Sara Farrell is a Sacramento, California-based jewelry artist. She started smithing as an act of freedom. Sara had an 8-5 office job which was very unfulfilling for her and with that silversmithing became her escape.

Jewelry Artist Sara Farrell of @feralsilver on Instagram

@feralsilver on Instagram

Initially, she was only buying a lot of stones, which is to this date still one of her favorite parts of creating. Her partner joked and told her that she couldn’t get more stones until she actually started making things. Luckily, she found a silversmithing workshop closeby. After the first solder flow, she was hooked! Since then, she has quit her job in Construction Project Management and now she devoted herself full-time and works as a jewelry designer.

In 2019, she started building her own brand, and from there came the birth of Feral Silver, born from Sara’s desire to live life to the fullest.

As a creator, she has her favorites on Instagram as well. She mentioned Sarandon of @saltyrosechainstich as her fave, and that she is an incredible person too who’s killing it in her jewelry game. She told us how proud she is of her and how she’s taking leaps in her craft. Sara said she also has other favorites such as @truenorthmetalworks @allcoveredinpaint @stacymarie and @stephaniesimsart.

We think it’s really nice to have a couple of people to look up to or get inspired by when it comes to your own craft. Beauty in all its form is everywhere!

For her designs, Sara shares that nature is a huge source of inspiration for her in a way that it gives her a sense of inner peace she needs in order to come up with ideas and designs that truly resonate with her.

During the time when she feels like she’s feeling blocked, Sara states how she finds that taking a river walk or just being outdoors always gets her head in the right space to create.

Take a peep at some of Sara’s unique designs!


Turquoise Jewelry by Sara Farrell of @feralsilver on Instagram


by Sara Farrell of @feralsilver on Instagram

Sara hopes that with Feral Silver, she gets people to join her on her quest for freedom as her company is an extension of her expression of being untamed. On her website, she declares, “I believe that everyone should feel powerful, wild, and beautiful. Through my brand, Feral Silver, I create jaw-dropping jewelry that helps you tap into that truth.”

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