Moose Spotlight: Creating Minimalist and Elegant Jewelry

"Don’t rush yourself through a piece that’s detailed walk away to take breaks to refocus."

- Bobbie Senk, @bobbiemariejewelry








Jewelry Artist Bobbie Senk of @bobbiemariejewelry on Instagram




@bobbiemariejewelry on Instagram




Bobbie Senk is the jewelry artist behind Bobbie Marie Jewelry and @bobbiemariejewelry on Instagram. She has been making jewelry for 10 years now. 💚






Bobbie likes wearing different types of jewelry, especially ones that are unique to her own style. Who doesn't, right? For her, this has driven her to make exactly what she wants to wear and love!




When Bobbie was just getting started, she shared how she would make something off the top of her head and not know how to execute it. Luckily, she had a go-to friend that literally guided her through a lot in the beginning. According to Bobbie, her friend was the motivation to make it more than a hobby! 🥰



Firsts are unforgettable. For her, when she worked at a busy popular salon, one of their clients loved what Bobbie was wearing so she made her client the exact same pair of earrings she was wearing! Bobbie recalled, "It was so rewarding to see someone appreciate the same style."




Let's take a look at some of her beautiful creations!





Handmade Rings by Bobbie Senk of @bobbiemariejewelry on Instagram





White Buffalo Rings by Bobbie Senk of @bobbiemariejewelry on Instagram





Handmade Rings by Bobbie Senk of @bobbiemariejewelry on Instagram










Creating jewelry for 10 years now, Bobbie still remembers  the first time she had an AHA! moment. She shared it was when she set up her first display in the salon where she worked previously as a tester. Bobbie sold out the first day up! 🫶🏼










Like a couple of artist, Bobbie doesn't have a particular process. She explained, "Honestly, I don’t really have a process but currently focusing on pretty unique stones. I love different types and styles that you can’t just get anywhere."



Describing her design style in two words, Bobbie said minimalist and elegant ✨




Let's take a look at some more of her work!




Turquoise Ring by Bobbie Senk of @bobbiemariejewelry on Instagram




Handmade Necklace by Bobbie Senk of @bobbiemariejewelry on Instagram




Handmade Jewelry by Bobbie Senk of @bobbiemariejewelry on Instagram










What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists?



"Less is more and quality over quantity."




One piece of technical advice on creating.



"Don’t rush yourself through a piece that’s detailed walk away to take breaks to refocus. Sometimes I’ll rush through soldering or buffing and I’ll have to either start over or make a new piece. Take your time it all pays off in the end."



Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?




"Find a mentor and someone to teach you through the complexities."



Lastly, Bobbie's message to the universe:




Bobbie Senk Blog Feature by Turquoise Moose





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