Moose Spotlight: Every Jewelry Piece Tells a Story

"...Creating for me has always been soul work, it is a way of letting ourselves connect + be one with the natural world around us."

- Camille Flournoy of @syringapine_metalworks





 Jewelry Artist Camille Flournoy of @syringapine_metalworks on Instagram




@syringapine_metalworks on Instagram







Meet jewelry artist Camille Flournoy. She has been creating jewelry for 2 years now and you can see her beautiful creations on Instagram @syringapine_metalworks 💚



"As a young child, I was always drawn to beautiful, handmade jewelry, especially mixed metal + unique stone in intricate designs," Camille shared when asked what inspired her to start creating jewelry. When the pandemic began, Camille was looking for a way to creatively spend her time. She decided to take an online jewelry class. She immediately fell in love and said that she has been obsessed with it ever since. 



When Camille first began her journey into the world of jewelry making, she said the hardest part of the process was re-framing her mindset to consider herself as a creative and artist. She added, "For me, now, it is so much more than a simple side hobby. It is a passion, a frame of mind that allows me to connect with deeper parts of myself."



Creating jewelry for two years now, Camille still remembers the very first piece she sold! "I sold my very first piece to a friend as an artist trade. We each had something the other liked, and the price was about the same for both. So it truly was a trade of love." 🥰



With a beautiful brand name, we could not help but ask what was the meaning behind it. Camille explained, "The story behind Syringa + Pine is simple. Syringa is the state flower of Idaho, my home and current place of residence. And Pine is reminiscent of the wild mountain ecosystems I used to roam as a child. Combined, they both bring out elements of the natural world in which I live, play + work."



Let's take a look at some of Camille's lovely creations!




Handmade Necklace by Camille Flournoy of @syringapine_metalworks on Instagram




Handmade Turquoise Ring by Camille Flournoy of @syringapine_metalworks on Instagram





Handmade Jewelry by Camille Flournoy of @syringapine_metalworks on Instagram









One of the most exciting moments ever since she got into jewerly making is the first time she ever tried lapidary inlay. She added, "I was hooked and have been dabbling in this branch of metal-smithing ever since!"








Camille likes to call her design process a flow state of mind. She expounded that she tends to have several projects going on at once to give herself lots of variety. Adding, "Sometimes things start out on paper, other times they will begin in the middle of another project. The stones I'm working with feel a certain way, I can imagine what they will look like + begin to bring it to life."



Asked to describe her design style, she said it's both very abstract and minimalist. Camille said she likes to mix and match metals, put together various stones, and try different styles in her process. Moreover, Camille also likes simplicity. Stating that clean lines and stamped details are some of her favorite combinations.





Here are a few more beautiful jewelry pieces by Camille:




Handmade Rings by Camille Flournoy of @syringapine_metalworks on Instagram




Handmade Earrings by Camille Flournoy of @syringapine_metalworks on Instagram





Jewelry Creations by Camille Flournoy of @syringapine_metalworks on Instagram










What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists?




"One design tip that I would recommend is always practice practice practice your basics. Soldering, bezel setting, sawing your metal. Getting these basic skills down is so essential for honing your craft. It really makes a difference as you begin to grow more into your artistry style."




One piece of technical advice on creating.




"I would highly suggest researching the chemicals you use in your studio and making sure they are the healthiest, cleanest choices available. There are many alternatives available for flux, pickling + polishing that will help give you a great look and still be a non toxic for use in your studio."




Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?



"Find a community online that you can relate too! Feeling like you are able to see other people in action and read about ideas + solutions to things that you may also be struggling with is a great way to help keep you motivated and inspired to try new stuff in regards to your craft!"



Lastly, here's Camille's message to the universe: 




Blog Feature Jewelry Artist Camille Flournoy of @syringapine_metalworks by Turquoise Moose





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