Moose Spotlight: Unique and Stone-Focused Sterling Silver Jewelry

Always on a quest to finding inspirational and talented jewelry artists, Moose is proud to feature this beautiful artist!



Jewelry Artist Claire Haupt of @silvermazzy on Instagram

@silvermazzy on Instagram


This is Claire Haupt, a Texan, San Francisco-based jewelry artist. You may also recognize her works under her brand name Silver Mazzy. Her jewelry journey started in 2017 when she started silversmithing. It was oy recently in January 2021 when she got fully into it. You can find her on Instagram @silvermazzy!


Design has been always important and an integral expression of Claire’s. She studied interior design and architecture and is currently a full-time interior designer for hotels and restaurants. 

She shared that she has always loved jewelry. With this, she had to try it out! Claire realized that for her it turned out that the whole process of jewelry-making is super addicting. In her own words, “I love working with my hands to create something beautiful that someone can wear and admire every day.”

As she is still in the process of starting out, Claire shares that one of the things that helped her as an artist is being okay with having to start over or try again and again until you get it right.

We also think this is a beautiful reminder to continue to keep on. :) 

When we asked her about her brand name Silver Mazzy, she mentioned that she actually wants to name her future daughter, Mazzy. She finds the name beautiful and it just came naturally. As per the ‘silver’ in her brand name, it’s only fitting as silver is her main material. To add, it has a really lovely cadence when paired with the name Mazzy. 

Hence, Silver Mazzy felt right as soon as it entered Claire’s mind! 


An artist’s own, unique design style is important in showcasing their artistic vision. 

Claire has a few signature designs that feel very unique to her. For example, her shield rings and her upcoming mushroom-focused collection, Orange Sunshine. She highlighted that there’s definitely something satisfying with knowing your expression in creativity and having a purposeful point of view. She hopes that it’s something everyone can see upon looking at her Instagram page. 

If you’re going to visit her profile, you would definitely see what Claire is talking about - and it’s really brilliantly gorgeous and very on-brand. :)

Take a look at some of her stunning turquoise jewelry! 


Turquoise Ring by Jewelry Artist Claire Haupt of @silvermazzy on Instagram


Turquoise Rings by Jewelry Artist Claire Haupt of @silvermazzy on Instagram


Genuine Turquoise Ring by Jewelry Artist Claire Haupt of @silvermazzy on Instagram

Turquoise Rings by Jewelry Artist Claire Haupt of @silvermazzy on Instagram




Claire describes her jewelry style as very stone-focused with an emphasis on unique and vibrant colors. She always starts with a stone. 

Afterwhich, she usually sits with it with other design elements she uses like stamped pieces or shapes. Claire plays around with said elements together until something feels right, which will then turn into a piece of beautiful jewelry!


More stunning jewelry pieces by Claire! 


Turquoise Hoops by Jewelry Artist Claire Haupt of @silvermazzy on Instagram


Statement Ring by Jewelry Artist Claire Haupt of @silvermazzy on Instagram

Turquoise Hoops and Gorgeous Statement Ring by Claire Haupt of @silvermazzy on Instagram



Upon asking what’s one design tip Claire can share with her fellow artists, she said it’s important to find one’s own style and story and really honing one’s skills! She also added being okay with the journey it may take to get there.


Lastly, “measure twice, cut once 😂”

For those who just thinking about getting started in jewelry-making, Claire’s piece of advice is to just keep on trying! “Give yourself small goals and achieve them at your own pace. If you don’t know how to do something, google it! If you have the passion, it will fall into place,” she added. 

Finally, a message to the universe: 

A Message to the Universe | Blog Feature on Claire Haupt by Turquoise Moose


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